The Different Parts of a Headlight

When most people think of headlights they typically think of something similar to a light bulb. However, vehicle headlights are actually far more complex than just a standard light bulb. There are four main components to your car's headlights, and at Liberty Toyota we have all parts available for service.

The four main parts of your headlights include the housing, the regular beams, the high beams, and turn signal bulbs. The housing is the hard-plastic cover that you see when you are looking at a vehicle head-on. The regular beams are what is activated when you turn on your headlights or use your daytime running lights. High beams are brighter bulbs used when the road is especially dark and lacking other traffic. Your turn signal bulbs are activated when you use your turn signal.

It is of vital importance that all these headlight components are operating properly. Failure of any part can be both dangerous and in most states, result in fines or other penalties. Bring your vehicle into our Service Center at 4397 Route 130 South for all of your headlight service needs.

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