See the Impressive Interior of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Both hybrids and crossover SUVs maintain loyal customers. The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid delivers a crossover SUV in hybrid form. The popularity of such a unique vehicle shouldn't surprise anyone. The brilliant interior features, however, do raise eyebrows. Buyers find themselves pleasantly surprised at the interior. Toyota didn't cut corners.

Since you spend all your time in the vehicle seated, comfort means a lot. Toyota put much effort into integrating technology into seat construction. Power-adjustable front seats allow for setting up the perfect positioning. Never be too far or too close to the dash.

On the dash is the special HomeLink technology. Essentially, HomeLink integrates smart-home-style functions with the vehicle. Through HomeLink, not only can you open and close gates and garage doors, engaging a home security system becomes possible as well.

Sitting behind the wheel of a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid reveals all the interior comforts. To see the inside for yourself, come to Liberty Toyota in Burlington to take one out for a test drive.



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