Toyota Safety Connect Subscription Service

For peace of mind when driving on long journeys or just running errands around town, an onboard monitoring system can alert the authorities when you have an emergency. Toyota offers its proprietary Safety Connect subscription service for many of its newest vehicles.

If you experience a tire blowout, a collision or even a medical emergency, you can alert the Safety Connect response center with the push of a button. They can then dispatch a tow truck, ambulance or other emergency vehicle to your location. The response center is automatically alerted when the vehicle's airbags deploy, sending help even if the vehicle's occupants are unable to summon help.

If you are the victim of car theft, you can file a report with the response center and your local police station, which will allow the response center to work directly with the police to locate your vehicle using GPS signals. This kind of quick response in the event of a theft may allow you to recover your vehicle with a minimum of damage.



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