There's Plenty of Personality on the Toyota Camry

If you're thinking about buying a popular midsize sedan, you should consider a Toyota Camry. This car has some exterior features that give an edge to the classic shape that we've all come to love, and at Liberty Toyota, we want you to know more about them.

The LED taillights are an impressive detail that makes the car more visible while adding a touch of style. The shape of the taillights blends seamlessly with the curving lines of the body. Plus, since they use LED bulbs, you'll go longer between changing them.

You'll also appreciate the front grille, which has an optional mesh insert. The high-gloss black finish on the metal with the cross-thatch design gives an aggressive appearance to an otherwise mild-mannered vehicle. When you pair the grille with the front LED headlights, you get one smooth-looking ride with plenty of personality, all while reducing the amount of maintenance time on the car.



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