Conquer the Hills in the Toyota 4Runner SUV

One of Toyota's most capable sport utility vehicles, the 4Runner invites drivers in Burlington for off-road trips. Liberty Toyota reveals the great capabilities of this full-size SUV that has a 4x4 drive.

If you are heading for the hills and mountains in the Toyota 4Runner, use the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System to full capacity. This innovative technology is engineered to provide optimum handling on ascents and descents. The Crawl Control enhances the KDSS by varying the ratios in the gearbox and transfer case. This supplementary feature boosts off-road driving on rocky terrains that prevent normal rotation in the wheels.

The 4Runner has an electronic control system for the Multi-Terrain Select module. By turning the dial left or right, you manage the amount of spin in the wheels. Four custom modes are included in the Multi-Terrain Select unit that delivers class-leading performance away from the pavement. You can also press the center on/off button to quickly engage or shut off the system.



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