Safety and tech features are a big deal among our Liberty Toyota team members. We're careful but adventurous geeks at heart, so we love to hit the road and return home in one piece. When it comes to advanced safety, few rides best Toyota C-HR, one of the market's most sought after subcompact crossover SUVs. The following two safety features illustrate what we mean. Buckle up.

Introducing: The Backup Camera

This nifty feature used to be the exclusive property of the uppermost trims. Not anymore. It's standard on C-HR. It's a camera mounted in C-HR's backside. It gives you a view of everything behind you. The camera feed goes directly to a color in-dash screen that measures a whopping 8 inches. The days of backing up blindly or straining to see what's in your rearview mirror are over.

Who's Got Your Back?

Toyota C-HR has your back. C-Hr's blind spot monitor detects and alerts you to vehicles that cross behind you or enter either of your blind spots, helping you make safer lane-changing decisions.

Sample Toyota C-HR safety features for yourself with a test drive at our Burlington dealership today.


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