Drivers in Burlington take vehicle safety very seriously. That's why at Liberty Toyota we are proud to introduce drivers to the amazing safety features of the Toyota Highlander. This popular midsize SUV has features that take safety to a whole new level. Join us for a test drive to see these features for yourself.

For some people, parking a car can be a stressful experience. With the safety features of the Toyota Highlander, this stress will be a thing of the past. The front and rear parking assist feature takes the guesswork out of parking. Rear cameras are designed to detect vehicles or pedestrians behind you. The safety system will sound an alert and even deploy the brakes if necessary.

Every vehicle has a blind spot. The Toyota Highlander features a blind spot monitor and a rear cross-traffic alert that will give you plenty of driving confidence. You'll be alerted when vehicles approach on either side, and you'll be notified of cross traffic too.


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