Although defensive driving strategies are key for keeping Burlington locals safe while on the road, advanced technologies like blind-spot monitors are designed to keep them even safer. With these innovative additions, drivers can clearly see people and objects that might otherwise be blocked form their view. At Liberty Toyota, we're eager to tell consumers more about what these features are.

What A Blind Spot Monitor Is

A blind spot monitor is an active safety feature that's designed to alert drivers of objects that exist in their blind spots. Even with the latest mirror designs, there are still several areas of the road that can lie outside of the driver's field of vision. By issuing audible alerts, these systems help motorists perfect their timing for lane changes and for essential, evasive actions.

Should You Choose A Car With A Blind Spot Monitor?

Blind spot monitors are sometimes referred to as lane change assist systems. This innovative safety feature is fast-becoming standard in many new vehicles given its impressive performance in preventing accidents caused by blind spots. To learn more about the benefits of this safety feature or to take one of our vehicles out for a test drive, come visit us at Liberty Toyota now.


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