Buy Back Program

We need your vehicle for our our pre-owned inventory.

At Liberty Toyota, we will purchase your vehicle from you, it doesn't matter if you are buying from us or not. All makes and models wanted. Schedule an appointment for a free, no obligation, written appraisal. We will evaluate your vehicle and make an offer on the spot. Call 609-589-1164.

We need your vehicle
 Even if you do not purchase another from us. Still owe money on your vehicle? Not a problem, Are you in a Toyota Lease? Not a problem we are still able to purchase the vehicle from you.

Schedule an appointment today for a free, no obligation, appraisal.  We will evaluate your vehicle and make an offer on the spot. Call 609-589-1164. 


This Question Comes Up Quite a Bit ... What Kind of Cars do You Buy?

We Buy all Types of Vehicles. We will buy most vehicles that are in good running condition. We Buy Cars, Trucks, SUVs, and Minivans. We Buy Personal, Fleet, and Company Vehicles. If you owe on your current vehicle we are still able to purchase it from you. Even if you have a Toyota Lease we can still purchase your vehicle! Stop in today for your no obligation appraisal.
When you want to sell your current vehicle you have three options to choose from. 
Option #1: Trade it in
     There are a few benefits to trading in your vehicle.  The biggest two are the convenience of pulling into the dealer with one car and leaving with a new one.  The second is the tax savings.  You do not pay sales tax on the full purchase price of your vehicle, only on the difference after the trade-in value.  We offer this to all of our customers and pride ourselves in being very competitive on both the selling price of the new vehicle, and on the trade-in value.
Option #2: Sell to a Dealer Directly
     Most dealers will not buy your vehicle unless you buy a new one from them.  Liberty Toyota is a large, high volume dealership and we are always in need of nice pre-owned vehicles for our pre-owned inventory! We buy and trade hundreds of used vehicles every month. As a high volume dealership with a great need for used vehicles, we can Offer you Top Dollar for your vehicle! And we will purchase your vehicle whether you are buying from us or not!
 Call today to schedule your no obligation appraisal 

Option #3: Sell it on your own
     You will always get a little more money when you sell it on your own.  Your local newspapers and/or a sign in the window will aid you in a private sale.  The down side is taking the time to receive phone calls, setting appointments, showing the vehicle, the exposure of strangers coming to your home, costs of advertising, and the liability you have retailing the vehicle to the general public.  Most importantly this is very time consuming.  This requires a big commitment and sacrifice from you and most likely your family. 

Schedule an appointment today for a free, no obligation, appraisal.  We will evaluate your vehicle and make an offer on the spot.  This offer will remain valid for 7 days. Call 609-589-1164. 

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